Newegg "OUT OF STOCK" on 6970's

Ok, I'm build a computer for my friend. Our (mine) original idea was to go with the Sapphire 6970, it went out of stock, then we wanted XFX, by the time we wanted to order it went OOS too :(

He ended up purchasing the GIGABYTE GV-R697UD-2GD REV2.0 Radeon HD 6970. We wanted two of these cards BUT he decided to get one and if the computer worked with one he would get the second. I warned him that it would go OOS too, and it did. I also noticed that the GTX 590 went OOS, not that we wanted to buy it.

So what should we do now? The card is still in the mail and will probably come in 2 days. I remember reading that you can't put a reference card and a non-reference if CF. The GIGABYTE is a non-reference as I understand because it has 3 fans and it doesn't have AMD written above the PCI-E pins. I don't see it anywhere online so.....
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  1. I ran a non-reference MSI r6950 Twin Frozr II along with a reference XFX 6950. There is no such restriction.
  2. Why don't you save the money buy going for 6950s and then flashing it to a 6970. Pat yourself in the back because you will save $100.

    MSI R6970-2PM2D2GD5 Radeon HD 6970 $330 before $20 MIR is the only one left:
  3. its those frkn bitcoin miners......there hoggin all the top tier amds!!!
  4. It would be ridiculous to purchase a 6970 at $330 over a GTX570, which is now near $280 with/after rebates...
  5. Flashable 6950s are all but gone. On used forums they sometimes go for more then a new 6970. Keep it in mind, but don't expect to find one.

    Anyone have a reason for this OOS issue? AMD having yield issues or they just getting bought up to fast?
  6. no really.....its the bitcoin miners!!!

    they produce 5x what a nvidia 580 can!!!(well not that much but its alot more)
  7. I thought you may have been exaggerating, you actually were probably under how much faster the AMD cards are. I find that vary odd, as Nvidia has pushed GPU computing for a long time. For an eye opening, check this review:
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