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I need help with my front panel audio connectors. My mobo is Z68 gigabyte XP-U3DP. I have read the manual concerning the audio connectors but followed the instructions and my front panel headphone still doesn't work.

I have no idea what my case is since there is no model # inside or outside the case since i'm reusing it from 2005.

My case has these front panel audio connectors

R-Out/R-Ret (1 wire 2 pin holes)
L-Out/L-Ret (1 wire 2 pin holes)
Mic In/Mic Vcc (1 wire 2 pin holes)
Ground (1 wire 1 pin hole)

What does NC mean in the motherboard manual??

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  1. Cases from 2005 may not support front HD Audio, you will have to follow the pin guide for AC-97. Once you are done with that, go into bios and see if you can change the front audio from HDAudio to AC97.
    NC= No Connection, but also plug in the L-Ret to pin 10 and R-Ret to pin 6.
  2. I currently have it in those pins and it still doesnt work. It has 2 holes so I have no choice but to use both. L-Ret in Pin 9 and 10. R-Ret in pin 5 and 6.
  3. L-Out into pin 9 and L-Ret to pin 10
    R-Out: pin 5 and R-Ret: pin 6
    Go to your sound card control panel and disable front panel detection.
    Can you set your front audio from HDAudio to AC97 in the bios?
  4. I dont have a sound card. But the front panel detection is disabled. And no I have no option for changing front audio in bios. Only thing thats there is Azalia Codec (Have no idea what that is)
  5. I have same problem with a Supermicro motherboard but MIC-IN and MIC-POWER are separate connectors. Here is the motherboard manual, page 2-7:
    Where I have to put those connectors and HDD-LED, RESET SW and POWER SW?

    Thank you!
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