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Regarding badges, why have I had 4 badges yet only shows 2 of the latest? Shouldnt i be able to keep those I already had?

Cant remember what those I had, were...

and why cant I/we see threads that I/we have started? Sometimes the latest threads, I think in the last week or maybe a few days more, do actually show under the 'my threads' option, but anything older doesnt show... I would love to find out if something new has been posted in old threads, and no I dont want the option of getting mail every single time someone posts, although in the long run it would solve the problem of loosing track of old threads.
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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying you had badges, but some of them have disappeared? When did you have them, and do you remember what badges they were?

    As for the threads, you started, I know the search will show all the threads that you have made posts within. I'm not sure if there is anywhere that filters only the threads you have begun.

  2. Thanks for the reply, Justin

    Im sorry I cant remember those that I had before, but my most recent badge, earnt was the one for uploading a avatar, which I find a surprise, as Iv always had an avatar (yes its always been the one I uploaded).

    Search each section in the dropdown to find posts in that section. Threads you've started are always displayed before threads you just posted replies in
  4. If I go to the page linked from the notification email I have five badges, but if I click on my profile or avatar it only shows three, is that what you mean Boxa786?
  5. Mouse, similiar and I think that's the only possible answer for the badges question - noticed I had 3 emails saying I have the newcommer badge, so sounds like you are right.

    I found the culprit for the missing threads as well

    If I start on and go to the forums Im fine

    But when I go to, I cant find my topics under the 'See my threads' button.

    Some topics and/or posts are in the .com side and some (most) are in the side, and as Im in the UK, shouldnt this bug be working the other way round?

    - I like reading .com site first, its always more up to date, plus is a copy of the articles/news/reviews etc
  6. There have been people who've wanted the UK site dumped for some time as it's pretty much pointless when the articles aren't any more tailored to the UK than the US site. It's also more buggy, and yes, the "Access to the whole list of his/her messages" in a person's profile page (such as the one linked in my previous post) doesn't work on the UK forum at all.
  7. just tested it, I can see only 1 topic of mine in the uk forums. When I visit my profile and then click on forums, it will automatically set itself to the UK forums instead of the USA one, so thats why I loose y threads/posts.
  8. Whenever I use that link to check a user's posts on the UK forum it says there's no messages. Switching to the US forum allows me to see them all.
  9. I think the US, AUS, ans UK sites should all be the same, as I wouldnt want to lose alot of contacts from friends, as well as content. I dont care where it originates from
  10. There is no Aus site.
  11. I know, and thats just leaving you guys out.
    What Im sayin is, have no particular site, just speaky de englees
  12. We could give it a flag with lots of stripes, a Union Jack and the Southern Cross.
  13. Now wheres are resident arteest?
  14. justinblue said:
    I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying you had badges, but some of them have disappeared? When did you have them, and do you remember what badges they were?

    I know it was mentioned a couple of weeks ago and I've duplicated this post in another thread in the hope that it gets seen because it's still broken, if I view my profile on the .com forum I see this:-

    but in the forum I see this:-

    Any chance of fixing it so they at least tally up. TIA
  15. sorry mm, costs too much, its your vat payment heheh
  16. Hey, I'm just going to claim it back under expenses anyway.
  17. Now if you can only get your accountant to fix it, on account of Toms needs to fix this
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