Combining 3x2GB and 2x4GB ram?

Hi There,

I have a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard [6 ram slots] with 6GB of RAM (3x2GB corsair DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24) and an intel i7 930 CPU.

I recently decided to upgrade my RAM because I do a lot of multitasking. I bought another Corsair DDR3-1600 ram kit with the same timings but this time a 2x4GB.

What is the best way to install these 5 sticks to maximize performance? The 3 I currently have are in place in slots 1,2,3 to allow for triple-buffering. Should I just add the 2x4 into slots 4 and 5 and be done with it? Or should I place the 2x4 in 1/2 and shift the 3x2 chips along? Or is this a stupid question to begin with and I cannot make this setup work (need either sets of 2 or sets of 3 ram chips)? I'm hoping it isn't the last one...

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  1. So I installed the 2x4 in the slots 1&3 and the 3x2 in 2/4/5 and only my computer only shows 8GB as usable memory in windows. :( This is exactly what I was afraid of. Any ideas anybody?
  2. Okay I have a partial solution for my original problem. But I think it will be as good as it gets Hopefully it will help someone else.

    I tried almost all logical combinations of the 5 RAM sticks and was able to get anywhere between 8 usable GB on triple channel and 4GB usable on dual channel.

    Finally, after reading I realized that having all 5 sticks for 14GB just wasn't going to work.

    My best bet was to get two pairs (a 4 and a 2) and align them on different channels for 12GB over dual channel.

    My motherboard manual ( very explicitly stated that I should install the 4GB modules in 1&3 slots and the 2GB in 2&4 slots

    However after I installed that setup, only 6GB were showing up over dual channel. That made almost no sense until I moved the sticks from 3&4 into 5&6, and now I have 12GB over dual channel!
    FINAL ALIGNMENT: Bin 1: 4GB; Bin 2: 2GB; Bin 5: 4GB; Bin 6: 2GB

    Not sure why it had to be so counter to the mobo manual, but I'm happy it finally works!
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