Issues running memory at factory specs

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77-D3H Rev 1.0
CPU: i5-3570k 4.5Ghz @ 1.275V
GPU: GTX 570 [Memory 2000Mhz, Geometry 850Mhz]
HD: WD Sata3 1TB 7200RPM
Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600 (KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8GX)
PSU: BFG Tech 650W
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

When running my memory modules at factory specifications (1600Mhz 9-9-9-27 @ 1.65V using X.M.P) my computer is insanely unstable. Applications throw me errors left and right, immediately crashes my NVIDIA driver in 3D game. Will throw 40+ errors on test 7 with Memtest86+ 4.2.

Now the thing I'm wondering is, why does my RAM respond PERFECTLY at the lower setting disregarding X.M.P (1333Mhz @ 1.5V AUTO setting)?

This has only appeared to become an issue after I updated my BIOS to F18 from F14.

Thanks for the help guys
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  1. ivy don't like Vdim 1.65v .. ran at 1.5v
  2. henydiah said:
    ivy don't like Vdim 1.65v .. ran at 1.5v

    The weird thing to me is that I've originally ran it at the factory specs when my BIOS was fresh out of the box (F14) and had no issues.

    Are there any foreseen issues with running this 1600Mhz @ 1.5v ?
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    just try if your system can ran at 1600 with 1.5v with timing 9-9-9-24
  4. You don't want to run that RAM with your setup. Sandy and Ivy Bridge CPUs have an inegrated memory controller that does not like 1.65v RAM. In fact running 1.65v RAM is technically overclocking the CPU and will void the warranty.

    I hate Kingston still sells that old crap. GSkill Ripjaws or Corsair Vengance would be my choice.

    I also recommend replacing that junk power supply with something decent. A 550w or better unit from Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ or Antec would be better than that old thing. I mean BFG has been out of business for years.
  5. Thank you guys for your recommendations. When I get home I'll be sure to run a decent memtest with 1600Mhz @ 1.5v. If anything pops up, I may just sucker up to 1333Mhz until I feel the need for faster, compliant, 100% reliable memory.

    Will update on my consensus.
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