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So the other night I was trying to hook my computer up to my TV via a s-video cable, which I have done plenty of times, as soon as I plugged it in my screen turned a beige color and totally froze up. I had to shut it down by holding the power button down. Somehow I though trying it a second time would be a good idea. Same exact thing happened the second time except when I started the computer up the computer turned on but the monitor stayed black with the orange power button in 'sleep' mode. The mouse has no response and no light on the bottom of it and the keyboard has no lights on it. After some research on the internet this is what I have tried:

1. Unplugging the cpu and monitor and holding the power buttons for 15-30 sec
2. Opening up the cpu and re-seating the video card and the RAM
3. Plugged the monitor into the motherboard slot on the back of the computer rather than the slot that is on the video card that it has usually been plugged into.
4. When I unplug the monitor from the cpu, the test screen comes up just fine and the monitor has always worked fine for me.

I have had a blue screen a couple of times before which said 'IQRL not less or equal' which I've never really looked into too much but may have had something to do with this. This has also happened before but resolved itself after about 24 hours, this is now going on for like 36 hours and doesn't look like much is changing.

The computer is from, the video card is an nVidia geforce 9400gt which I had to replace the fan on a few months ago but I checked the fan was working and everything after I replaced it, and the monitor is a Dell. Anyways at this point I've concluded that either my motherboard or my videocard is shot and needs replacing. Im okay with computers but am by no means an expert. I wanted to get some advice before I order the wrong part.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help or share a similar story.
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  1. Just to verify things, try the monitor with another computer. Once that's out of the way, did the onboard video work for you? You did not say, just that you tried it. Did you try it with the add-on video card removed? If not, remove the video card, and try just the onboard.

    Try to reset the BIOS on the computer, unplug power, open the case and move the reset jumper on the motherboard over to reset it, then back. If you can't find the jumper, just pull out the CMOS battery for 15 secnds or so. Not sure if holding in the power button did this for your system, but this will definately do it.

    If that did not fix at least the onboard video, you'd have to try to find a new motherboard.
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