I am using a DELL INSPIRON N5110 , 2nd
gen Intel core i5 ,4GB RAM,1GB NVIDIA
GT525M graphics card,640GB HDD and
Windows 7 Home premium.My laptop was
functioning properly for 1 year but I had
a serious misfortune last Saturday. My
laptop fell down to the tiles floor from my
cot ( approx 45cm depth) . After
repositioning I tried to boot the laptop
which had gone off. It booted with 5
continuous beeps, the sound of which
decreases in intensity when the welcome
screen appears. But the sound still
persists. You know how much annoying is
it to have! I did a thorough system
checkup and diagnostics which turned out
to be normal.All components worked
properly, I played FIFA 12 , watched some
movies and accessed the internet. The
only problem I find is that the caps lock
indicator is not working now. I tried to
contact the DELL helpline that day itself
but I couldn’t reach them as the call got
disconnected all the time. When finally I
got the line, I told them my problem and
they finally told me I’ll have to get my
motherboard replaced which will cost
INR11,000 . very sadly, my laptop
warranty had just expired two days prior
to the accident. When I went through
various forums and communities, I got an
idea to do a battery flea and after that
the beep disappeared. Unfortunately the
beep came back after sometime, still 5 in
number !! I also got an info that there
could be some issues with the CMOS
battery which can be replaced. I am
totally desparate , because after spending
a lot of money on the laptop now I’ll have
to spend more bucks on it . I need all
your help regarding this issue and want
your advice in doing that is necessary. I
have these set of doubts

1. Will the CMOS battery replacement
resolve my issue ?
2. Will any other parts of my laptop
malfunction in the future?
3. Will I have to replace my
motherboard ?
4. Can I show my laptop to som
e local
service agency?
5. Is there any provision to get the
motherboard replaced in warranty ?

Please help me swiftly with your valuable

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  1. Next time stay away from Dell, i also have some issues... in a new lap-top motherboard crashes 2 times in 4 months....
    You should go to a repair shop to open it and see if motherboard is really cracked or just some parts moved from their location.
    I had repaired a lap-top which fell on side with usb stick in it which scratch the mother board and they manage to make it work again by disabling that USB... HP support also said that i need to change the motherboard
  2. Hi
    Please iopen the front cover (keybord and palm-plast) and then pull the bios battery. after this, with a short cable, connect the two jamper of battery location to bios be loaded. after this, put battery on its loacation and put palm and keyboard. before these works, you shoud cut off main battery and power adapter.
    I try these works and my laptop was corrected.
    alireza salehan
  3. The beeps i had with dell was the ram. Pull it out and place it back in. Dells are picky but since your getting to the welcome screen you might have damaged your hard drive.
  4. The above error is same: 5beeps-distance-5beeps-distance and etc
    this is not related to RAM and it depend on BIOS error
  5. worked on my dell lol. Thats why i dont have one anymore hahahaa
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