Which video card(s) ?

I've been finalizing my plan for my new AMD computer. I already have a AMD athlon 2 x4 3.1 ghz and 4 GB of 1333 mhz ram, but need a good video card.
Which would be better, an AMD hd 6850 at x16, dual ati hd 5670 running at x16 each, or dual ati hd 5750 running at x16 each?
I need direct x 11 for battlefield 3, and will probably get another 4 GB of ram later on.
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  1. You will need the 6850 for DX11, the 5 series sucks at DX11 tesselation.

    People don't usually crossfire low end cards like that unless they already have one and are looking to add another as an upgrade. Go with a good single card so you have the option to add another down the road.
  2. agreed go for the 6850, my friend has one and it works perfectly for pretty high end gaming...

    i've read and seen that the 5770 in crossfire does perform very well but with crossfire you're going to run into problems at different times and having to troubleshoot 2 cards instead of 1 will most likely make you pull out your hair.

    the 6850 overclocks pretty well and is extremely powerful.
  3. 6850 hands down, don't even consider the 5670s not a good performer at all
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