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Could we add a "Religion" subsection to the News & Leisure forum? Several users (myself included) in Politics seem interested. Some of the discussions there are already spilling over into religion, and it would be nice to have a clearly defined place to start those discussions. Thanks!
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  1. Hello,

    I have added this. I hope it helps!

  2. justinblue said:

    I have added this. I hope it helps!


    Thanks so much!
  3. justin WTF are you thinking!?!?!?????? Why is a tech forum having a religion/politic sections!!???!?
  4. This is a technical forum. There are other places to engage in philosophical debates. I'm all for them, but just not here.
  5. I 100% agree with Shadow703793 and jtt283. There is a time and place for political/religious debates. Tom's Hardware is not the place for it. Apparently at least some of the mods and admins think it's perfectly fine. I saw Crashman stirring the pot over there. This is certainly a new low for THG.
  6. Thanks shortstuff_mt and jtt283 for being civil; it's more than many others. :non: I enjoy that sort of stuff and like being able to engage in debate here where I already have a user ID and password. I do help out in other sections as well (especially Win7). For those of you who don't like philosophy, politics, and religion in the forums, no one is forcing you into that section. It's completely separate.
  7. ^That is not the point. There should NOT be a Politics/religion section in a TECH forum. Period. Also, your threads have popped up on the home page where it may offend some.
  8. To me those new forums serve one purpose, for me to get gather mini statistics of the stupid people in the world.
  9. Its like any other thread, you dont want to go there, dont?
    Some people carry their maker with them in ever step they take, so having something like this isnt totally unreasonable.
    Theres topics here I havnt ever been on, and Ive been here awhile, and more than likely, that topic as well, but I can see why it has its place, as do the others.
    I remember when they decided to do car infos and stories etc.
    The vast majority of the forums has been and always will be about ech, no ones taking over, well except the French heheh
  10. ^The problem I have with this is some of this ends up on the home page. If there was a way to block the Religion/Politics section I'd be happy.
  11. Can you explain what exactly ends up on the home page (of the Forums, I suppose you mean)? I don't know what you're talking about. Sure, Politics and Religion are listed just like all the other subsections, but is there something more than that I'm not seeing?
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  13. Oh, yes; now I see it! Right-hand side of the homepage for all of Tom's Hardware. Still, those threads are receiving the same treatment as any other. Their content isn't being shoved in your face. Just the topic is shown, and that in an obscure place I haven't yet noticed, along with many others that have recent activity. Oh, well; different people have different preferences...
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