SandyBridge-E 3820 - Affordable enough to beat Sandy Bridge?

Hello Folks,

Luck has brought me the opportunity to look into going for the Sandy Bridge-E i7 3820

I have read a couple of reviews that state the Overclocking potential of the 3820 is no less than its Sandy Bridge counterparts or its hex core brothers - despite the lack of a K symbol at the end. this is due to the BLCK Strap of the X79 Chipset being brilliantly engineered.

(The below assumes I have RAM, GFX, PSU, Case etc etc)

Now then - the Entire cost of a Mobo/CPU/Cooling system on this platform for me right now will be around £530.
I could otherwise get a 2600k system for around £480 or a 2500K system for around £420
Now, for future reference, over the next year or so I intend to go Eyefinity and Xfire with 7970s.
I am aware, that right now, with my GTX460s I will see no increase in performance from one platform to the next.
However, in the future, the extra PCI-E lanes, the double memory bandwidth and the instant PCI-E 3.0 will be beneficial.

It seems that for an extra £100 I get PCI-E 3.0 support, an extra 24 native PCI Lanes, HT (i5 to i7) and a platform that is VERY upgradable.

No Brainer eh?

But I'm going to have to wait a while (4 weeks) to grab my 7970 if I go SB-E and I'm going to have to wait till the 3820 is released as the others out out of my price range - where as if I went SB I would be able to get it in 2...

TL;DR - Choice of SB-E 3820 (when released) OC to 4.6ghz, i5 2500k OC to 4.8ghz or 2600k OC to 4.8ghz - With eyefinity and Xfire 7970s in the pipeline this year (after some serious saving)
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  1. Honestly DJ in my opinion I would go for the 2500k, get a new case and a h100 and slap dat *** with 2x7970.

    In all fairness DJ that setup will last until you get bored of it and youll notice a massive difference from your current machine also, Id aim for the GFX card first and sell your 460's to counter the huge cost of the new card meaning that youll be closer to the mobo/cpu upgrade quicker.

    Job done
  2. TBF ill be sticking with my 920 for a fair bit so youll have braging rights with your CPU
  3. double post.....
  4. It seems you are the only person who is going to reply to this thread.

    7970s in Xfire on Sandy Bridge will be gimped by PCI-E x8/x8 I beleive, where as Sandy Bridge - E has x16/x16 and will not suffer the problem.

    All in all SB-E has room for a LOT of upgradability - I mean loads. Rediculous amounts.

    Decisions involving ~£500 of my money are difficult to make when I know another possible £2000 over the next year is going into this build. I'm worried SB is going to be lackluster in delivering the experience I want in the £2000 investment. SB-E WILL give me this performance.

    I think it all bottles down to my impatience.

    On another note sticking with a single 7970 will suffice for a LONG time in terms of sheer performance...

    Despite what seems like vast knowledge in the field of PC components I cannot for the life of me decide on this - need inputs from lots of folk.

    (On a note of Cooling, the H100 is out of the question, when I go water I go WATER, 2x 360mm Rads Cooling Chipset,CPU and graphics cards. Im getting the Phanteks Performance 140mm CPU fan, it outperforms the NH-D14)
  5. my take on this:
    base setup:
    core i7 3820
    lcs (or nh d14 or some good air cooler...)
    4x 4gb ddr3 1600 ram
    motherboard: (all x79 mobos have pcie 3.0)
    cheap - biostar/msi/gigabyte x79 4 ram slots
    costlier - asus/gigabyte x79 4/8 ram slots
    gfx card:
    2x/3x radeon hd 7970 3gb in x cfx or 4x 7870 2gb in 4x cfx.
    for gaming it might not make much difference since current games don't seem to force the 7000 series cards to saturate pcie 3.0 bandwidth. these should offer decent fps from demanding games.
    i read in the at article that 3820 can be oc'ed to 4.7 ghz..? that's pretty good considering the msrp of the cpu is under/similar to core i7 2600 non-k cpu.
  6. all comes down to a simple question which you cant answer....
    can you wait?

    Honestly DJ.....there is 0 point in you waiting for the full blows aids version; you know fine well how long it will take you to save up enough for your dream build (due to alcohol intake) by the time you have that build it will be as out dated as your current one.....really good but out dated.

    Get the 2500k if needed get yourself a 7990 or just get a 7970 either way if you wait for the version with 6/3 ports (like my 6950 2xdvi and 1-4 display) then you can eyefinity with no problem.

    In summary, if you wait it will be too late, get what you can while its still hot.
  7. Ahh Balls to it Siggy, you know me well and you make a bloody good point.

    i5 2500K, P8Z68-V PRO, Phanteks PH-TC14PE Cooler with a 7970 (When MSI bring out their Twin Frozr version anyway) it is.

    As far as I'm concerned thats pretty damned epic anyways.
  8. WTB Mod to alter thread type to question
  9. Will be a sick build DJ then you can get spend extra money on shiney new monitors!
  10. Also Dj, unsure how you log your calls at work but if you forget the name of the person who your doing to job for:

    CMD-> 'psloggedon \\IPaddress or PC number

    Works a treat if you forget who people are all the time like I do.
  11. Lol, I'm having to save for 2 weeks to get my 7970, its £500 by itself

    Still, overclocked performance beats the crap out of a 6990, so I'm going to be blazing along @ 1680x1050 with 32xMSAA and 16xAF Max settings every single game on the planet for a while
  12. CMD-> 'psloggedon \\IPaddress or PC number

    Doesnt seem to do ANYTHING in CMD :( shame cause my short term memory is useless.

    [EDIT] Its a chuffing program utilising a batch file - there is no base command call psloggedon
  13. bah sorry *** typing i forgot to put the closing '
    Its just i.e:
    psloggedon \\
    psloggedon \\c10072
  14. signor said:
    bah sorry *** typing i forgot to put the closing '
    Its just i.e:
    psloggedon \\
    psloggedon \\c10072

    Yeah, I think you'll find theres no such base command bro, it must be a program or batch file your running - but I've googled it and there is no command in command line for psloggedon in any operating system. The program you're using will just be using DOS to run.
  15. bah indeed it is, search for sysinternals on the microsoft website and you should get a load of PS tools.

    unsure if it can be ran individually from a pc or if it has to be rolled out.
  16. Its probably a non-installed standalone exe - so usable prior to any roll-out. Ill check it out.
  17. I went back and forth on this for quite a while but at the end of the day I thought back to 1366 vs 775. X58 is still a relevant platform today and while it's starting to show it's age there are still plenty of folks that could skip right over SB-E and wait for IB-E with their 920s. I'm not sure there's a single P45 owner out there that feels that way.

    My situation was a touch different as I was looking at Z68 NF200 boards which would match the 40 pci-e lanes of X79. Of course the entry level motherboard in this segment is 269.99 (Extreme7). Paired with the 2500k it was a entry cost of

    270+220 = 490.

    On the other hand the X79 system was 290 (3820) + 215 (Extreme3).

    290+215 = 505.

    So for $15 it made the choice to go with X79 a breeze. I'm guaranteed that every single pci-e lane on the board is pci-e 3.0 this way which cannot be said of Z68 even with IB.

    Now, on a side and somewhat unrelated note. Trying to find a X79 board that'll support 4x SSDs via onboard controllers has been an entirely different beast. I'm mindblown that Intel has handicapped the X79 by only supplying 2x SATA 6Gb/s ports natively. Everything else is done via Marvell controllers and after some research the 9172 just doesn't seem to be cutout for SSD speeds in RAID0. Major Fail Intel.

    WTB ICH10R, <cry>

    Good luck either way.
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