Lenovo T530, Intel HD 4000, and Triple Monitors


Can anybody tell me how I would enable Triple Monitors (laptop display + two external) on a Lenovo T530 with Intel HD 4000 graphics? I have one mini DisplayPort out and a VGA on our laptops. I can't seem to find any mini DisplayPort to dual-DisplayPort out or really any other cable that would work, except for dual-link DVI (not sure if that would work at all). I heard that the HD 4000 graphics support dual external screens and really wanted to test this out.

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  1. You could use something like this splitter cable to connect two monitors.

    Edit: By the way, the support for two monitors is referring to a panoramic view style. This means that the GPU can support one image, stretched across two different monitors. You'll need to configure this through your display properties, as simply connecting the above-linked cable will only duplicate the image on all active monitors.
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