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i was wondering if it was possible to connect 2 routers together and still be able to connect to the internet. Let me explain a little bit more. I have a ASUS EZ RT-N11 wirless router i just bought. Before i bought that new router i had an old linksys router. It was a cheap one probobly the most basic around. Once i got my new router, i unpugged all my computers and my printer server from my network, and plugged everything back into place into the new router, expcept i left one port open in order to connnect the WAN port on my old router into one of the ports on my new router. Once done i went into my new routers gatway, set my settings and boom done. Everything worked expect my old router. Currently i have 3 computers plugged into the new router and like i said i have the WAN port on the old router plugged into port 4 on the new router. But the computer that is plugged in on the old router, does not work. There is no internet and i cannot even access the gateway. I have not changed any settings on the old router nothing works. I thought the router was broken so i connected everthing the way it was before and it worked fine. I'm stumped. I dont understand. I have a good knowledge of networking, but maybe someone with even better can give me some hints to try to get this to work. Thanks
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  1. Hear is what happened:

    your new router is assigning an IP to your old router. your old router's LAN IP is The IP assigned by the new router to the old one's WAN is

    Since the first three numbers are the same the old router is getting confused and does not know how to direct traffic.

    1) If you connect the WAN port to your new router, you will build a separate network that will not able to communicate to the equipment connected to the new router. Should that be what you like to do, you will need to change the LAN IP of your old router to and make sure the SSID of the two routers are different.

    2) If the equipment connected to the old router need to access the equipment on the new router, you will need the disable the DHCP and Wireless on the old router and connect the network cable to one of the four LAN ports on the old router (Not the WAN). This will use the old router as a Switch.
  2. Thank you very much I understand now I just used it as a switch Now and everything is ok
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