Is this built ok?

guys just wanna have your opinion, im not really good at this stuff and im not planning to overclock.. thanks!

Phenom II X4 965
Thermaltake Contac 29
Asus M4A88T-M
500gb WDigital Black
Kingston Hyper X 4GB
MSI HD6850
CoolerMaster GX Series 550W 80+ PSU

and im gonna use my old 21.5" LED monitor..
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  1. good choose.
  2. If you're asking if it's going to work or if it's compatible, it is but it's not a very great build but decent.
  3. if you haven't built yet then i would consider waiting for bulldozer. it should have good price/performance. also 8gb ddr3 is so cheap why not go for it. and also you can get larger hard drives for the same price as a 500Gb. nice gpu tho...thats what i use.
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