[Cpu-cooler] for i5 2400


i finally got my i5 2400 but the boxed cooler is insanly loud.

I need a relativ cheap cpu cooler which should be silent.

which cpu-cooler would you recommend me ?

thanks <3
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  1. hyper 212+ look this one in newegg.
  2. depends on your case dimensions.
    coolermaster hyper 212 evo (in case 212+ is phased out at your location) is a good cpu cooler.
  3. okay thank you guys
  4. If CPU fan setup is not properly adjusted, even aftermarket cooler will sound loud. At least in my motherboard BIOS, I could set it to be 30% usual, and only kick in higher RPM when CPU temp go over 50C. With CM Hyper 212 plus, my i5 2400 system doesn't sound too loud, even when playing Batman Arkham City in max setting.

    Before buying a new cooler, check this first:

    1. Change the CPU fan RPM setup -> 30% / Target Temp 50C
    Test the installed cooler.

    2. If it is getting hot quickly, and gets louder often, then go get one of those aftermarket cooler. You need to check the dimension of your case, though. When I installed CM Hyper 212+ in my ex-system, a Gateway, I had to hammer the case wall to make a room for top of the cooling block. It fits in Antec 300, though.
  5. well i fixed it now.....

    the plastic propellerr touched the plastic case , i dunno why..... good quality on boxed cpu-coolers ;)
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