My proceesor is overheating! help!

my processor temperature reaches about 60 celsius when i play dirt 3! i have two case fans in my pc! one for intake and one for exhaust. if i use both of my fans as intakes would it help to cool my pc? thankyou!
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  1. 60C at full load is not overheating...
  2. but after sometime the pc restarts. must have been increased when i was not looking!
  3. oh.. and my system specs are:

    core i5 2400
    gtx 460 1gb factory overclocked
    4gb ram

    is it ok to use both fans as intake?
  4. Yes, you can use both fans as intakes, but it may not be an overheating issue. What power supply do you have in that system (make and model).

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: Oh. And how old is the power supply?
  5. new.. about 2 and a half months.
    axle3d twister 500w power supply. my processor temp increases fast when i play games. 55 celsius when playing just cause 2. but the pc does not restart when playnig just cause 2.
    when playing dirt 3 the temperature rised up to 60 celsius. i didnt check readings after that. after about a half an hour the pc restarted. so i think its a overheating problem. my gpu reading was at 40 celsius so no prob on that!
  6. Download core temp and set it to logging. It will make a simple comma seperated value file that you can open in excel.
    Set it to take one reading every second.
    Leave it running in the back ground then game on.
    If the pc crashes you can go back to that log file and see the cpu temps during the game session leading to the second before the PC crashed.

    Who makes the GTX460. Chances are if something is the problem it is the video card. You may also want to use MSI Afterburner or a like program to check the temps on the video card. You can set that program for logging in the same way.
  7. I question the power supply because it's happened to me. An insufficient power supply will cause shut downs as well. The next time you system shuts down while gaming, on reboot, go into BIOS and check the CPU temp. According to Intel the maximum temperature for your CPU is 72.6C. If your CPU Temp is close to that when you reboot, then you should probably look at reapplying the thermal compound and making sure your heat sink fins are clear of dust.

    -Wolf sends
  8. Run Prime95 stress test and use CoreTemp to monitor temperature. Do you use the stock cooler that came with the i5-2400?
  9. I had similar issue before. All was needed is to remove the CPU cooler (whatever type you have installed), clean the thermal paste off it, put just one or two tiny drops of new paste and spread nicely, evenly in thinnest layer (you will even see metal under when it's thin enough) with the credit card (or any other plastic even thingy). Remember, thermal paste is not to make a seal between CPU and cooler, it is to fill the uneven tiny gaps on metal.
    After I have done that my idle dropped from 43 to 29. Do I need to mention full load?
    Also good thing is memtest, make a boot CD or USB (if you mb supports it) and run it until finishes at least 2 runs.
    Hope that helps at least tiny bit.
  10. yes i am using the stock cooler that came with i5 2400.
    and my gpu manufacturer is axle 3d. it comes with twin arctic coolers so i think there is no prob with that.

    @Wolfshadw my cpu fan is clear of dust. and my pc doesnt shut down it restarts.
    so by using the two fans as intake will it fix my problem? please help. :(
  11. Two fans for intake might work as your PSU probably has exhaust one. However, heat generates on top of case where your CPU and RAM is. Would it not be easier to have 2 intake and at least 1 exhaust fan (+PSU ofcourse)? Cost between €/$5-10, no brainer I think..
  12. what if i put my exhaust fan as an intake near the processor till i get a new exhaust fan?
  13. Honestly I think it would be better if you put 2 exhaust fans than 2 intake. As air has to come in from somewhere to replace hot exhaust anyway. Even better would be if you leave the 1 exhaust and 1 intake fan (make sure they are blowing the right way) and check your CPU cooler mounting (though mind you, 60 degrees on stock cooler is normal under pressure). Maybe check your ram too (memtest or similar)?
  14. oops.. i miscalculated! my cpu runs at about 68 celsius and my vga runs at about 60 celsius when playing dirt3. is it normal?
  15. Best answer
    Under 70 I wouldn't even bother, under 80 is still ok, but rather on the high side, under 90 then there is probably something wrong and you shouldn't run 24/7 like that and over 90 you should really just shut that thing down before you damage it.
  16. so do you think that theres something wrong with my power supply?
    isnt a 500w psu enough for a factory overclocked gtx 460?
  17. briovaz said:
    so do you think that theres something wrong with my power supply?
    isnt a 500w psu enough for a factory overclocked gtx 460?
    Check with your full specs:
  18. i gave my pc to a technician. they said that that they couldnt find a problem. i had a dust filter under the psu fan. that must have been the problem. when the tech's checked my pc the dust filter was removed. now at full load my pcis running at about 58 celsius. thank you for your help people.

    @zenthar thank you for your concern!
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