System just "disables" 2nd VGA all of a sudden. Driving me nuts

Hi to all,

I have a very silly situation.
My pc has 2 vga's - a Gainward GeForce 8600GT with 1000MB (on whihc I installed the Accelero s1 rev2 cooler) and another Gainward GF 210 with 512MB. The latter came with passive cooling. I replaced the 8600's fan due to noise. I have two vga monitors attached to each card with the GF210 acting as extended desktop on Windows 7 Pro.

My case is a Centurion II which had 1x14cm (in) and 1x12cm (exhaust) fans to which I added 2x14cm (1 intake - 1 exhaust) on the side and top and 1x12cm (exhaust) at the back (all new fans are from enermax and very silent). Now in my room it's around 30 degrees (it's quite hot here!) and sometimes all of a sudden displays flash and the 2nd monitor light turns amber. The GF210 is also missing from the device manager - like someone disabled or removed it from the system. When this happens I have to switch off and on again as rest does not get the 2nd vga back.

Speedfan reports that this happens when the 8600 is at 50degrees and the 210 is at around 40. My Core-2-Duo E6550 Cpu temp is around 35 using the Intel stock fan. Last night I even tried running a game (Portal 2) to see what happens and although
the cpu was running at around 99% and vga's at 60 and 40 this did not happen. Then this afternoon when room temp hit 30/31 it happened although this situation had happened before during the evening on another occasion.

Can someone please give me some help with this as I have to switch on an 8inch deskfan in front of the pc case's side to keep vga's less than 50 and 40 respectively. HWMonitor confirms theat speedfan's readings are almost exact.

My mainboard is a FoxConn P35AX-S with 2x2GB DDR2 ram and 3 harddisks (1TB, 320GB and 160GB). PSU is from OCZ and is mounted to intake from the bottom of the case. The case is on a metal frame shelf around 40cm off the floor.

This is really an annoying problem. Thank you.
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  1. Your temps are not excessive, I don't think it's a heat issue. Power supply maybe?
  2. It's an OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro Power Supply and was installed when I changed the case a few months ago although to tell the truth some of the voltages are a little off like the +5V is 4.96V, +12V is 12.41V, VCC1.5V is 1.67V, VCC3V is 3.41V and VSB3V is 3.42V. I had looked up some voltages and apparently to have them a little off is not a concern.
  3. That should be more than enough. I would try swapping the 2 cards to see if you can determine whether it's a problem with the GT 210, or with the PCI-E slot that it's in.
  4. Will try, but I think I will have to remove a pci sata/esata card as the 8600 with the accelero cooler is extra large.
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