Is this ddr3 RAM compatible w/ P8Z77-V LK?

Would one of these 8gb cards from Team --
work with a Asus P8Z77-V LK mobo ---
First time building a comp.
I think it would be compatible, but would like a confirmation before I purchase. =) thank you
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    The only way to be 100% certain that a DIMM will work with a particular board and CPU is to get a DIMM from the motherboard's qualified vendor list. Anything else may be hit or miss.

    Most DIMMs will work with most boards for single-DIMM per channel configuration. Where things get a lot more touchy is dual-DIMM per channel configurations, particularly setups with two double-sided DIMMs per channel.
  2. So, the "Team" company is apparently very small, because none of its products are on the QVL (Qualified Vendors List), but the List still has me scratching my head.
    For example, I noticed that this Mobo supports "32 GB Memory", which with 4 DIMM slots, comes out to 8 GB per slot. On the other hand, ALL [EVERY LAST ONE!] of the Qualified Memory on the list only totals to 8 GB? Not even 16? Like it qualifies 3x2 GB cards from this company and 4x2GB cards from another, or 2x4GB ram from another, yet nothing is qualified above 8 GB. Why have up to 32 GB allowed if only up to 8 GB is qualified? {I checked the P8Z77-V LK User Guide, }
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