Something died (PSU ro CPU or MB)


My computer just died turned itself off.

I can't turnt it on again, not even the PSU fans spin. If I turn the swith on back of my PSU into off position then after two seconds I can hear quiet "cvak" from the PSU. If I turn the PSU on again and try to turn on the computer only what happens is the blue diode on CPU fan "blink" then I hear "cvak" again and thats it.

If I disconet the 4Pin connector from the MB (I think it feeds CPU) and turnt off the switch on back of the PSU wait until the "cvak" turnt on the PSU and turn on the PC than the fan on PSU starts and the CPU cooler starts spining, but if I connect the 4pin back into the MB it all dies in a second even the PSU fan doesnt spin anymore.

I do work with computer all my life and I never seen nothing like that. I think it's PSU (cheap noname crap for 15$) ...or maybe it's MB MSI 880g e41
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  1. My vote is the cheap no name crap power supply.
  2. I think like @Sarge27. That noise its not normal.
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