Low windows score on 8120?

I have a Asus Sabertooth 990FX,8GB DDR3 1333,6970 2GB,Windows 7 64bit,750 w PSU,FX(tm)-8120

My windows scores for
7.5 for this processor?
Could my 7.5 Ram score be bottlenecking it?
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  1. window scoring is junk don't go with it

    it gives my ddr2 667 mhz 3gb ram a score of 7.1, so is that mean mine ram is close to yours, definitely no
  2. Well if you are looking around at the reviews you will see that your proccessor is not all that great to begin with overclock it to the manditory 4.5 ghz you will see a better score but as other guy said Windows score is junk. If you want to compair it to something go get a synthetic bench software and compair against veryone else out there on the interweb.

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