Playing two sound sources on two different devices

My PC is connected to two monitors, one to EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448, the other to IGP, both with DVI-D. The former is the main, mostly for me, while the other is used for my wife to watch streaming video. This setting has no problem when I do web surfing or work on office, but reveals an issue when I want to play game, because of two different audio sources - streaming video vs. game.

First, I enabled multiple streaming device on Realtek Audio Manager, and then set a game, Portal 2 in this case, audio to headphone. But still two audio sources are being played on speaker. And some other games don't even have such an option to select output. Is there any guide applicable to this situation?

My System:

i5 2400 - HD2000 enabled
MSI H67MA E45 B3 - onboard Realtek HD Audio
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 SP1
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  1. Nope. The ONLY way you can use two different output devices is if one of the programs gives you the explicit option to use an output device other then the one set as the Windows default.
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