What cd/dvd rom is compatible with ASUS M5A88-V EVO

Hello, Yesterday I purchased a ASUS M5 A88-V EVO. I am wondering if the other items are compatible. i.e. AMD Phenom II Black Edition Multi Core Processor, Patriot G2 Series PC3-10666/ 1333 Mhz 4GB ( 2x2GB) kit, Thermaltake TR2 500w power supply and my concern is i
I have an old cd/dvd rom ATAPI DVD A DH16AYH CD-rom. I do not have software for this device. Should I just get a new one and which one do you recomend. Thank you. Brian Hollars
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  1. Just about any SATA optical drive should be compatible with the before mentioned motherboard.
  2. Specifications page for your motherboard. Looks like all is compatible. Since that board does come with a P-ATA port, I'd just use the CD/DVD drive you currently have.

    -Wolf sends
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