Gateway won't power up- How do I check motherboard?

I have a Gateway ATXSTF computer which will not power up and am getting nowhere trying to troubleshoot. When I push the front panel on button, I get amber light but nothing powers up.

So far I have:
1) replaced CMOS battery

2) pulled off P1 power connector and jumped pins to test power supply which turns on

3) with PS jumpered, checked voltages on other connectors which are within tolerances

4) *Only when jumpered* power supply and all drives will boot when front on switch is pushed, eliminating bad switch as the problem.

5) Pulled out all PCI cards and any external cables

6) Pulled out MB to isolate it from enclosure

7) Sprayed compressed air to clean everything off

8) Said a short prayer

I have never seen the fan on the processor power up, and no power comes to the pins its plugged into when the P1 cable is plugged into motherboard. Never heard any startup beeps either.

This has been in storage for a while but I have no idea how that would affect any of the components. Is there some way to test MB? I'm a Mac person and all of this is new to me.

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  1. It's time for a new system. Your board, ram, and power supply are too old to save. Check craigslist or ebay for complete systems, or fatwallet or slickdeals for new system specials in the usa. I won't post individual parts unless you really want to build your own. Lots of old pentium 4 systems locally where I live for $50 and some amd's that are even faster on craigslist.
  2. I agree- it's a ten-year old hand-me-down from my sister, but since it's just for my five-year old to access his reading program on internet so not worth much to upgrade as I'm sure he'll get something new in a few years. Found a used motherboard for $25 on E-Bay which may be the way to go if that's indeed the problem. Then again, the time this is taking me to troubleshoot, it prob won't be long til I follow your advice. Unless I happen on one at a thrift store for a few bucks and want to gamble with it. Thanks.
  3. There's a complete dell pentium II system for only $15 on my local craigslist (box only) like the one my parents paid $1000 for years ago. It even has windows 98.
  4. Guess I'll have to start checking here in San Diego. I'd rather buying another cheap working computer than waste any more time trying to troubleshoot this one. Thanks for your input...Dan
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