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My build only gets 20-30 FPS on Crysis 2 Ultra dx11 high res at 1920x1080, which is almost not playable!!!
Is this normal or not? I have seen other people get 40-50 FPS with similar build. Are there anything I can do to improve the performance without spending more money? Please help me out! :pt1cable:

My build is: GTX 570HD
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  1. If they are getting 40-50 FPS, it's not with Dx11, ultra dx11.

    With two 470's in SLI (yes individually they are slower, but much faster in SLI) I get this with the benchmark:
    Avg = 48.065, min = 34.423, max = 58.685

    Another user with a 590 got these:
    I used FRAPS to make a user made benchmark on the level Semper Fi or Die, and I got:
    Minimum: 44
    Max: 68
    Avg: 56

    Your score seems close to right.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    The performance benchmarks from Guru3D shows that GTX 570 is capable of getting avg. 43 FPS. I am not getting that!
  3. You do have a couple things to consider. What is your CPU clocked at? And since they aren't using a set benchmark that we all can use to compare against their results, you will not get the same performance unless you were able to replicate their test.

    There could be some problems, but in many cases, you cannot average 43 FPS, in some places you might.
  4. Hi,

    My SLI'd 560 ti's can run it around 60fps, but struggle with the high res pack due to only having 1gb on board memory. I sometimes get the black screen with music playing bug. I can run dx11 ultra no problem but once I enable the high res pack it's like pew pew lasers on my cards. One situation where I kind of wish I had more ram :)
  5. Seems like my rig's performance is normal. Even I get another GTX 570 runs SLI, I may not get a good performance on high res. because of the 1GB VRAM is not enough for that. That really sucks!
  6. 570's have more than 1GB of VRAM, they should have 1.25gb, which is enough. But what may be holding you back is the stock clocks of the i7-860.
  7. Thanks for the advise! I will push it to 4GHz tonight to see what will happens.
  8. You might not have to be that aggressive on the OC, and if you do, you will want to look into an after market cooler, like the CM Hyper 212+.
  9. I'm currently using a Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler. It should do the trick I think. If not I will suck it with a vacuum hose! :D
  10. You Should be able to get a decent FPS this is my rig
    CRYSIS 2, HIGH REZ, DX 11 Enabled, 1680x1050 16:10

    Avg - 41fps
    Min - 24fps
    max - 64fps

    ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe mobo
    Intel i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k oc 4.6 ghz
    X2 4GB CORSAIR Vengeance DDR3 1866
    1.5T 7200 RPM HDD W/ OCZ VERTEX3 60GB SSD (SRT)
    ZALMAN MAX 9900 CPU Fan/Heatsink
  11. Nice build! I have tried to overclock my rig. during the last weekend, but I am only able to overclock the i7-860 from 2.8GHZ to 3.5GHZ due to the limitation of my OCing skill, DDR3 1333 ram and the entry lvl crappy motherboard. Despite that, I have seem marginal performance gain of +(5 to 10 fps) from doing that. Forget to mention, I change the Physx to CPU which is also very effective to gain more FPS. I also changed overclocked the graphics card. Fun stuff!
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    That's interesting. 5 to 10 FPS gain isn't marginal, that's significant gains. However, I find it curious about PhysX, since Crysis 2 does not use PhysX in any shape or form.

    You should run a benchmark, rather than going on feel.
  13. Bystander is a pro! You know everything! I don't know how to do benchmarks in Crysis 2 or other games. I have Fraps and EVGA Precision, but both programs does not tell me what is the max, min and avg. FPS. I do have Unigine Heaven and 3d Marks 11 tho. After the OCing, I tested many games, including crysis1, crysis 2, Dirt 2, BFBC2, Ureal 3, etc. I think the feel of +5 to 10 fps comes from the average gain of playing all of those games.
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