Are you Radeon HD6000 series owners here truly happy with your cards?

I am building a new system and I would like some feedback from all you HD6000 series owners on here if you are truly happy with your graphics cards in regards to performance and compatibility with games. How are the newest Catalyst drivers? When it comes to games that don't natively support AA, Is AMD's MLAA more useful than Nvidia's AA solutions?

If you own one of more of the following games, how well does your HD6000 series card(s) work with them:

Witcher 2
Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga
Two Worlds 2
Metro 2033
Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods
Arcania: Gothic 4
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

In particular, I am trying to decide between Radeon HD6990 Quad CF or GTX 590 Quad SLI.

Any responses will be appreciated.

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  1. I have a 6970 and I am happy with it. Although I do not have any of the games you listed I am happy with the performance of it. When I first bought the card (Jan 2011) it was a little up and down with the performance/bugs/game play issues but all seems to be worked out now. Any particular reason for a Quad set-up with the 6990 or the 590? I read somewhere the 6970's dualed work out better than a single 6990, so if you can fit 4 cards in your case single GPU cards may yeild better results....not to metion it's cheaper and easier to stop at 2 or 3 cards if you find that any more GFX power is not really needed or money gets tight/re-allocated.
  2. I've been very happy with unlocked 6950's until I decided to use 3D vision. Nvidia has better 3D gaming support and it works at 1080p vs 720p.

    In terms of AA goes, when a game doesn't support AA, MLAA is better than no AA. Divinity 2 is one such game that AA just doesn't work with Nvidia, but MLAA does. Risen can be forced on with either card and Two Worlds MSAA is wonky, I found it looked best with MLAA and a 2 or 4x MSAA mix. It also works well with Metro 2033.

    Gothic 3 is an unusual game. This game was developed in Dx9 but did not use Dx9 for shader model 3, it instead used some form of direct hardware implementation. This means that the higher levels of shadowing are not available for AMD cards. No form of AA works for either card with 2 exceptions. You can use MLAA with AMD or you can use old drivers from Nvidia, before the 2xx drivers came out. Then you can use a 3rd party program which escapes my mind right now with a custom profile to allow AA to work. Unfortunately, I could not use those special drivers and get SLI to work. Nvidia inspector may be able to be tuned to make it work as well, but I could not figure it out for this game.

    Arcania: Gothic 4, don't buy it if you haven't already. It's the worst game ever made by them. It's extremely linear and has few redeeming qualities. The AA problems are horrid and even with MLAA is doesn't look good.

    I have not played Amnesia and Risen was a little rough on AA too. Older AMD drivers used to be able to be forced on with SSAA, which was by far the best option, but more recent drivers will cause clothing and tress to disappear (I haven't tried in a few months, maybe it was fixed again). Nvidia also was very limited on what you could force on.
  3. quad 6990 or quad 590?? jesus, what are you running 6 1600p monitorS?
  4. considering you wont find 2 6990's to rub together you'll hafta go with the 590's.....

    but you'd do well to investigate the "law of diminishing returns"
  5. Thanks for the responses so far everyone.

    So is the consensus that the Radeon HD6000 series is a safe bet as far as game compatibility and performance goes these days?
  6. verry happy with my 6850, although i havn't played any of those games. and yes, i think amd's AA options are better.
  7. im using a 6950

    i own:
    Witcher 2,
    Metro 2033,
    Two Worlds II

    the 6950 is amazing as a card and even though i was sad to see my 5770 have to be sent back im so glad i got a refund and bought the 6950.

    any game at all i can play easily on high/extra..including some still in their testing *wink WINK* (not going to say anymore)

    i am truly happy with my graphics card. i actually tried overclocking it and have managed to get from 800mhz core clock to 1ghz core clock stable (not that it is needed) but its nice to know :P

    if you get a card from the 6*** series i'm sure you will not be upset :D
  8. You would be happy with a 6970 or a 580.
  9. I've been very happy with my HD 6870.
    Got a nice OC out of it, putting it up there with a 6950.
    My first AMD card, couldn't be happier with it.
  10. I'm quite happy with my 6870. It handles most games quite well at 1080p. Of all the games on your list I've only played Metro 2033, 6870 will handle high settings okay on DX11 with Tessellation on, AAA, AF16x, Advanced Depth of Field off of course, gets around 30 to 40 FPS most of the time, the benchmark does have the framerate dip into the 20s but there's only one section of the game that is as demanding as Metro's benchmark, aside from that one section, the framerate stays above 30 FPS.

    Only annoying thing is if I want to use MLAA, I have to remember to turn it off after I finish playing a game, if I open any 2D application with MLAA on, it blurs the text into an unreadable state, some kind of driver bug causing the morphological filter to apply to 2D applications rather than 3D applications only.
  11. Another thought for the 6870, it handles Physx okay out of the box (in most games) if that's something you're concerned about.
  12. The 6870 doesn't do any PhysX. On games games that have physX, it is handled in the CPU. Most games with PhysX, except for about 20ish, don't even offer GPU accelerated PhysX, so it's not a big deal.
  13. bystander said:
    The 6870 doesn't do any PhysX. On games games that have physX, it is handled in the CPU. Most games with PhysX, except for about 20ish, don't even offer GPU accelerated PhysX, so it's not a big deal.

    You can install Physx drivers for the 6870 if you have the patience.
    (shouldn't have said out of the box...)
  14. I'm surprised that MLAA isn't mentioned more on gaming hardware forums. It is truly impressive that modern Radeon GPUs can provide anti-aliasing (via MLAA) even to games that don't support it natively. Nvidia GPUs offer no such feature. IMO, this is a HUGE plus for Radeon cards!

  15. BeeBahBoo said:
    You can install Physx drivers for the 6870 if you have the patience.
    (shouldn't have said out of the box...)

    PhysX drivers are installed on your system and required to run PhysX games, but it has nothing to do with AMD cards. When it's installed, it's run on the CPU if used.
  16. I'd say if you have money for quad of 6990s or 590s, you needn't worry about what you buy. That is, the top card from any vendor should easily play any of those games with high frame rates.
  17. The standard GTX590 or 6990 is plenty for a single monitor, although at 2560x1600, I'd opt for the 6990 for it's larger 2gb framebuffer...

    (Where a pair of GTX590s might theoreticallycome in handy is for 3 monitor gaming, the GTX590's 1.5 GB framebuffer will be an issue at 5760x1200, making the 69xx series of cards the logical choice...)
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