I need your advice .. am buying tomorrow !!

tomorrow am going to buy this hardware for building computer that i will be using it for gaming

intel i5 2500K

msi gtx 560 Ti twin forza ii

4G G.skill 1333

thermaltake V4 black

thermaltake TR-500p 500w


asus x24 dvd driver

500G digital western blue

24 or 23 inch monitor

gaming mouse

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  1. I would get 8GB RAM and a better PSU. And definitely at least a P67 mobo.
  2. am trying to save some $$ buy buying 4G .. all the games requiring 4g ram.. i wll be always able to upgrade
    500w bronz 80 certified is enough for my system and its a good quality i think
    and i don't see why i should get at least a p67 mobo .. i don't plan for SLI or some thing..
  3. H61 = 2 memory slots P67 y slots= 4 memory slots. And the psu isn't going to support much more than that 560 ti. When new cards come out, that psu is going to be worthlss. Also, DDR3-1333 from DDR3-1600 is like a 5 frames difference.
  4. And the whole point of i5 2500k is for overclocking is H61 does not let you overclocking making your i5 useless.
  5. you are so wrong about 5 fps from 1333 to 1600
    also you are wrong about asus p8h61-m le / usp3 can't overclock i5 2500K
  6. It can't overclock it WELL. And there is a few fps differnce from 1333 to 1600...
  7. ok thanks any way .. there is another question am asking at "cpu & components" form about cpu that i have to get .. check it out
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