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I had a custom computer built for me in June 2010, and has ran like a beast with no problems....until yesterday. Upon start, it would shut down itself. Took it to techs, and they narrowed down problem to motherboard. This is what I have


I am trying to find a replacement motherboard that fits the requirements for what I have installed on it, such as the Intel I7-960 CPU, dual GTX 480 nvidia video cards. This all fits in a Cooler Master HAF-932 tower. I do not need the most high end thing out there, I just need a motherboard that fits the requirements. If it is a couple extra hundred, and well worth spending, will consider. However, priority #1 is making sure all my existing hardware works with it. If any of you need more information on what hardware I have, feel free to ask, and I will grab the flashlight, lol. Thanks for any help you fellow enthusiasts can provide.
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  1. Look for a motheboard that is ATX sized, supports DDR3, and x58 cpu slot.
  2. So these are the main characteristics to look for? I understand the DDR3 and X58, but what is ATX size? Thanks
  3. your motherboard size is "ATX".

    There are 2 common sizes, ATX and Micro-ATX. You can tell the difference because ATX is rectangular, and ATX is square and the same size. All other sizes are usually alot smaller than those two.
  4. Forgot to mention that ATX Form Factor is basically motherboard sizes.
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  6. ss202sl said:

    Than you for the link. I found the exact same when utilizing my existing criteria from the old motherboard. I am worried though about performance, and also looking at all the negative reviews on newegg about this manufacturer, I was hoping to find a high performance motherboard that won't break the bank and has excellent reviews. I will use your provided link for my local computer tech to give his insight on, but if anyone has further ideas on a compatible motherboard that meets or exceeds current performance, and has good reviews, I am all ears. Thanks guys
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