Max memory?

I have a M2N68-LA (narra6) motherboard.
As of what I've seen, it says that only 4gb is supported, and there are two ram slots in the pc now and its only 3GB. Is it possible to make the max ram like 8gb or something like that?
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  1. If this is your motherboard

    It says maximum supported 8GB
  2. I dont have an asus motherboard :p
    but my computer is a Compaq CQ5320F if that helps
  3. Ok this one has to be it :

    It says 4GB Max memory
  4. No it's not possible to make the memory 8GB. The motherboard only supports 4GB maximum. It's a hardware limitation, not a software one. If you want 8GB's of RAM, buy a new motherboard.
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