New Build- Bad Motherboard?

I just made this new build (all components are new except HDD):

- Asrock Z77 Etreme4 Motherboard
- Antec Neo Eco 520 PSU
- i5 3570k CPU
- 2X4GB Corsair DDR3 1600 RAM
- XFX HD 7770 Core Ed. 1GB GPU (Catalyst 12.10)
- Samsung 830 64gb SSD (boot disk)
- WD Sata2 160GB HDD (storage, reused from old pc)
- Win7 Home Premium 64 bit

Right off the bat I have frequent app crashes, fairly frequent BSOD's (every 1-2 hours of use), and some system freezes. I've done the following to try to diagnose the problem:

- Updated BIOS, Windows and all drivers (w/ SlimDrivers).
- ran MemTest86+, Initially I got 1 error on 4th pass. Tested sticks one at a time 5+ passes with no errors, tested again 6 passes after replacing psu, no errors.
- ran chkdsk on HDD, no errors.
- replaced psu (was using an older 460 watt from another pc).
- checked all mobo connections, checked socket for bent pins.
- reinstalled windows and updates, reinstalled again after replacing psu.
- ran without video card, using onboard gpu.

None of this has resolved the issue. I think the problem is the motherboard, or maybe the CPU. However I am considering buying some more ram to test with that (don't want wait on the rma for that, and then most likely have to rma the motherboard as well). Any thoughts on what else I can do to diagnose the problem, or opinions on what the problem is, would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What temps are you reaching on your CPU?
  2. the temps are very good. all temps are under control. i have a haf 912 with maximum loaded fans. even though i use stock intel cooler, i dont overclock and temps are below 70
  3. trapper said:
    What temps are you reaching on your CPU?

    Sorry, didn't get a notice of you reply. Max temps I've seen are 60C while running Prime95 for a few minutes.
  4. Update: I bought 2 more identical sticks of ram (Patriot PGD38G1600ELK). When I got it, both sticks were completely dead, just got 'no memory installed' errors on POST- won't be buying this brand again any time soon. RMA'ed all the ram and expecting the replacement to come in today. Also I noticed on newegg where I got this stuff that another person posted a review with an identical cpu/mobo/ram setup and identical issues, fixed it by replacing the ram with another brand.
  5. Then maybe it's software related?
    Have you tried checking it via the nirsoft BSOD reader and see what driver is causing the crash?

    I'm a software kinda guy and I'm a noob at hardware but you may want to check and see if there is a specific error message using the BSOD viewer and what kernel is causing it.
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