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No webcam found in my PC.

i just asking some question about my webcam in my net book laptop.
i open my webcam in my menu, but the system sending a message that '' no camera or webcam found''. but when i use the yahoo messenger webcam its working.
i dont know how to open it again in the menu bar.

how to return the webcam again?
please give me an advices or steps on how to do them.
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  1. Hello apsinian75,
    Welcome to Forums!!

    If everything was working fine before, try System Restore - Restore your system to a date when everything was working fine.
  2. i already restore my computer system many times but theirs no changes.
  3. my netbook laptop branch is ACER ASPIRE ONE. Ok, i try to download the link that you given to me...
  4. YEAH, I have already done restoring the system of may netbook but the camera still not working again.
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    Here's the link to down load Acer Cyberlink Web Cam Application. Download and install that.
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  7. Thank you, I am glad that worked for you!!!
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