My gpu fan is extremely loud

I just bought a xfx 6770 and the fan is extremely loud, I could be just typing in microsoft word and that fan is fairly loud and when I am gaming it turns it sounds like my wife taking the blow dryer to her hair. What's the best CHEAP solution for this? Thanks
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  1. In my opinion, the best solution is to sell the card and get a new silent one, do a better research.

    Cheapest solution is to remove the card and go integrated graphics.

    You may also check if there is a watercooling block for this model, but that would be expensive assuming you are not running a watercooling system
  2. 1) make sure the fan and heat sink on the GPU are clean
    2) make sure the case has sufficient airflow to maintain cool ambient temp inside
    3) accept the fact that powerful GPU's are the noisiest part of most computer systems

    if that doesn't do it or isn't enough
    4) replace the GPU with a less powerful one with bigger fans (a 6770 isn't needed unless you're gaming)
  3. I do game and I was actually thinking of getting a 6870 but there was a sale and the 6770 was only $100. I think I can still return it and any suggestions on more silent GPU's that are as powerful or more powerful then that model??
  4. Well, I'm surprised nobody suggested this, but you can download MSI Afterburner and set a custom behaviour for your GPU fan. I have a 6870, which runs quite cool, and the fan used to be noise regardless of the temperature. Install the app and set a custom FAN SPEED x GPU TEMP curve, so that its only noisy if needed. Ask away if you need any further help.
  5. does that work with the 6770?
  6. mrcheap said:
    does that work with the 6770?

    Certainly does. Check guru3d for the software.
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