Cheap computer for my grandparents?

my grandparents computer finally died out (xp) and all the do on it watch hulu netflix, check emails and sometimes youtube. it doesn't need to be able to play games. i was wondering if there was something they could get for 200$. I found this but 300$ is a little bit out of there reach since my grandmother can't work.

Any suggestion?



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  1. Im bumping this simply because it didn't get answered and i really want them to stop bothering me about it.
  2. go get a laptop for them or something, it would be pointless to build a $200 computer. Everything you ask for can be easily done by any computer now of days. All you have to do now is find the cheapest desktop/laptop/whatever.
  3. go by someones second hand laptop or desktop off ebay, I got a used dell d630 laptop for $100! which I thought was an awesome deal, you just have to have a keen eye and patience with that budget though, personally I'd save up another check or wait and buy something for 300, 200 is just really low, especially if your not going to build it yourself...

    so I say either increase the budget or go on ebay
  4. I work for IBM and have some certified used computers that I think will fit your budget. Please feel free to check them out or contact me from my home page.
  5. he doesn't want to build it :( why didn't you post in the prebuilt section then?
  6. ^bc OP messed up and messed up big!
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