Need HELP with TV TUNER...Having Issues.

Hey guys so I am having issues with my TV tuner: ASUS EHC 3150.
I want to go from my computer directly to the wall with a cable line.
I have it installed and everything but keep getting different issues with the different software I'm trying to run.

TotalMedia which came with the tuner....shows my channels in a lower resolution and overlayed with green and pink colors/lines. However, it streams fine and even previews with the correct colors and resolution.

Windows media center constantly glitches or freezes for half a second but plays the video/audio fine, (good resolution and color) but like I said it glitches.

Any help here?
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  1. Only thing I can think of is glitchy software. Asus doesn't even list it on it's support site (at least not that I could find) and that's always bothersome. My experience with cards like this is to not even install the provided software.

    What I'd recommend is a complete uninstall of the software/drivers and shut down your system. Remove the hardware and reboot your system. When Windows finds new hardware, just install the drivers. Do not install the TotalMedia software that was included. Just use Windows Media Center to set it up and view TV.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Well it works with WMC but the problem is my entire WMC keeps glitching...
    It will freeze every 2 seconds for hald a second and so on...even on the main menu (TV doesnt have to be playing)

    Any other software i can use?
  3. If Windows Media Center is glitchy even when not viewing live TV, then either there is a background program interfering (probable) or it's not a stable install (possible, but unlikely). My original recommendation stands.

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, then I'd probably go with a full reinstall of Windows 7 (again, without the TotalMedia software). If that doesn't resolve the issue, then and only then would I start looking for other programs like MythTV or XBMC.

    -Wolf sends
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