Cant change lcd monitor refresh rate higher then 60hz

have a 570gtx and an lcd monitor that can do 75hz refresh rate. I can only get windows 7 to see monitor as 60hz. I want vsync on with all my games and want to bump fps/hz from 60 up to 75. Am i missing something in nvidia control panel?
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  1. What is the make and model of the monitor?
  2. ko888 said:
    What is the make and model of the monitor?

    After further investigation it can't do 75hz. I can only get it to 61hz. I assumed it could do higher because of the specs below.

    Acer G235HAbd 23'' 5ms 1920x1080 WideScreen LCD
    Horizontal Refresh Rate 54.2 - 83.8KHz
    Vertical Refresh Rate 49 - 75Hz
    Response Time 5ms

    Here are my computer specs. I have a i7 2600k, 8gb of ram ddr3 1600, 2 raptor 150gb raid 0, gtx 570 1280. Stock cpu fan so no overclocking.

    I have a few questions. Since my understanding is that LCD's go by response time.

    1. Why do games and computer graphics cards go by the old standard of refresh rate (vsync)? It seems silly to go by old crt monitor standards.

    2.What would you recommend for vsync on my computer setup? Should I let nvidia control panel force vsync tripple buffer in games, disable vsync all together, or vsync in games?

    In l4d2 if I show netgraph with vsync on tripple buffer i max at 60fps yet get 100-120fps in out. The game actually lags a little with 16q and 16 aa enabled and vsync on highest settings at native res 1920x1080.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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