Gts250 no physx

having issues with physx on my gts250 installed new driver but i had to leave to physx update out otherwise it failed and rolled back.
without physx i get blue screen of death and the driver fails anyone got the same problem or know who to sort it please?
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  1. And people say ATI has problems with drivers lol.

    Anyway, first thing to try is starting with downloading the most recent WHQL driver from Nvidia's website, as well as Driver Sweeper (from Guru3D)

    1) Uninstall all Nvidia/PhysX video drivers from your Add/Remove Programs list
    2) Run Driver Sweeper and remove all reminants of the drivers as well (if you have an Nvidia chipset motherboard, be careful to only remove video drivers)
    3) Reboot
    4) Install drivers

    Try these steps and report back :)
  2. just tryed it and again the install crashes due to the fact that physx wont install
  3. if it helps im currently using windows xp ( yeah ok its old but i like it ) i have a intel quad core processor and 4 gb of ram
  4. Try running Driver Sweeper and CCleaner in Safe Mode
  5. just tried that and still same problems with physx
  6. Maybe have a look at the Nvidia forum where, you know, people who make the product might be able to help ;)
  7. been advised by a friend to run it in quiet by adding /q on the end of the target in a shortcut however this isnt working on xp anyone know if i doing this wrong on xp ?

    read many other problems like mine and apparently silent install worked. and btw wolfram23 i've got a post on there at the moment they just take ages to reply
  8. My guess is you'd need to use a - instead of /, although I've never personally done this "quiet" thing. But I've used other similar things and it's usually the -.
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