Corsair 650D Vs. CM Storm Sniper

So what do you think is the better case the Sniper or the 650D? I LOVE the looks of the 650D but does the performance of the Sniper that much better?

Additional Question:
I'm working on a $1,000 aprox. gaming build that I can upgrade in the future so if you know of any good Intel mobos or something also chime in with that. Do you think I should spend a lot on a mobo if I will upgrade sometime in a few years? The $275 ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 is bad ass but I don't think I should be shelling out that kind of cash if it will only be a $1,000 build.. Shooting for a EVGA GTX570 that I can SLI latter on.
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  1. Well, the Storm Sniper is bigger, cheaper, in my opinion looks cooler, and, it has a few more features, such as the controller on the front.
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    Personally I prefer the 650D, purely down to its appearance. However the Sniper has more features and as said above, has the nice fan controller option. The case is also very wide, so more than enough room to fit that Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler in there :)

    And no certainly not the Extreme7 for a $1000 build. The Extreme4 GEN3 would be more than adequate for an SLI set up. (It runs x8/x8).
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