Can I use z77 MOBO with nonK CPU?

Hello, I want to ask if i can use MSI z77 Mpower MOBO with my i7-2600 (nonK) CPU? And CAN i run more then 1333MHz RAM with nonK ? or I need to buy K version!
Specs for my build!
i7-2600 3.4 turbo 3.8
GTX 680 Lightning
Z77 Mpower
6GB 1333MHZ
Corsair TX 750W v2
CM Storm Trooper
Thanks! :)
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  1. u can use a non K CPU but u won't be able to overclock (as u probably know)... at the most u can push it a 100 MHz...

    and because it is a Z77 motherboard the motherboard itself will support RAM upto 1600 by default... You can push it further thru overclocking...

    and I am not sure the RAM depends on K or non - K versions... But it does depend on Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge and your i7 is Sandy... But I am not exactly sure how this goes...

    Hopefully the senior members here can clear that last point
  2. Yes, a 2600 will work fine with a z77 based motherboard.

    Yes, you can install ram faster than 1333, but it will not gain you very much.
    Read this on ram speed scaling:

    6gb is a strange size.
    ram will come in 2, 4, or 8gb sticks.
    To get 6gb, you will have a 4gb and a 2gb stick, in which case, the extra 2gb will operate in a slower single channel mode.
    Better to get 8gb in a 2 x 4gb kit.
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