I just dusted my GPU and PSU and now my computer won't turn on.

So I just vaccuumed my GPU and PSU. I covered the vaccuum nozzle about 3/4 to increase suction and cleaned the two out because my GPU(ATI 5870) was making a noise(fan related). Now my computer will not turn on. The interesting thing is, is that everything connected to the computer seems to be working fine. When my PSU is on, my DeathAdder mouse lights up, my keyboard lock keys light up, the power button on the motherboard lights up and even my modem and wireless router seem to be operating without fault. Is this a fault of my power supply, CPU, or motherboard?

I am posting this from a library so I won't be able to respond in a conversational manner. Thanks in advance to any speculation or reply.
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  1. I think the vacuum probably destroyed your GPU.
  2. Will your computer not turn on, or can you just not see anything on your display (which I assume is hooked up to your GPU)? If you have on board graphics try plugging your monitor in to that.

    I'm assuming your PSU is fine because your USB host controller seems to be supplying power to connected devices.

    I'm not sure what your modem/router have to do with your computer functioning.
  3. I believe (someone correct me of I'm wrong), that vacuuming your computer has something to do with static electricity, like it can create it or something, thus, possibly ruining computer parts.
  4. Yeah, vacuums create lots of static electricity.
  5. Best practice is to use Compressed air cans (hardware store)

    or a decent Air compressor with moisture & condensation remover
  6. I think p07h34d is on the right track. If you dislodged the power cable it might be connected enough to allow a current but not enough to empower the machine. Then I would check all other connections and make sure the "power switch" on the back of most PSU's is not switched off.

    Seems unlikely to me that static is the problem. RAM is sensitive but most components are not that sensitive.

    Good luck,

    Mutt x
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