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Have question about sound card

this is first time installing sound card .. so i have questions.. my mother board is rampage iii formula

ok, i got x-fi titanium HD. when i saw manual, it said before i install card, i have to uninstall all the sound drivers.

i uninstalled all the drivers from control panel, but from device manager, there were like 8 high definition audio device in there.. so i uninstalled everything, but whenever i

reboot my PC, it automatically reinstalled again. so i just installed titanium card, and installed drivers. now from bottom corner.. there are 2 speaker icons. one is

same old speaker icon that before i install titanium, other one is creative SB x-fi volume panel. is this normal?

and i went to device manager. theres same 8 high definition audio device name + 1Creative SB x fi on it.. i just want to know is this normal? or it shud be only 1 names on it?
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    It's normal to have the Windows volume icon and the Creative Volume panel.
    As for the other device i'll assume it's your gpu HD audio or possibly the mobo's FX audio control.
    You can disable the other HD audio devices in device manager.
    The Windows volume icon allows you to select the default device for playback.
  2. ty, was poor questions, i just went to control panel > sound and on the bottom it said creative SB X -FI . guess it works =D
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