New/First Build, Need Opinions!

Hey all,

I'm planning my first build, and want a second opinion on compatibility and/or maybe better parts.
This is a budget build, but I also want to make sure that I can add a graphics card and maybe upgrade to a hex-core down the road.

Newegg wishlist for easier viewing

Hard Drive

Thanks in advance!
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  1. don't get that case/psu. it's super cheap, and the power supplies that come with cases almost always tend to be lower quality. It's also micro atx, so not a lot of space for graphics cards and such.
    also your motherboard is an atx board, so it won't fit in the micro atx case you've selected, which you should probably not use anyway
    get a samsung spinpoint f3. cheaper, and 500gb more space
    and do you really need bluray, as they are kind of expensive?
  2. I was suspicious of the case/psu.I wasn't attached to it so I don't mind changing that.
    And I entirely glanced over the microATX part and forgot about that, so I definitely need to change that.

    Thanks for the HD recommendation.

    The Bluray player is simply a nice feature, also I do a lot with my disc drive so the lightscribe is also good to have.
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    k, that's a good reason for bluray, just thought it might be an ok place to shave some cash, which it probably isn't.

    other than my previous thoughts, there isn't really much to add, except some suggestions on parts

    antec three hundred is probably a good choice for your price range
    650w will be plenty for a single graphics card, unless you get a really high end, which wouldn't make any sense with your other components
  4. Thanks for the help!
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