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Quad core processor good for gaming?

i was buying a hp computer with a AMD Athlon II 630 Quad-CoreProcessor, i was wondering if this will be good for a game like WoW or SC2, please help
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  1. it will be okay for gaming imo, prebuilt pcs are crap though you should build your own what is your budget?
  2. was looking at the HP Pavilion p6510f Desktop PC, i mean i have a laptop already with these games but its not great at all, i was looking for something not too expensive probably mac $650
  3. make an am3 build for $500 you can put together a very decent little box; look at this article:,2970.html

    this is basically what I'd recommend for your price range. If you got extra cash maybe a beefier psu and video card such as a hd 6950/ gtx 560ti
  4. but that graphics card will do just fine?
  5. a prebuilt hp will get you nowhere near those specs for the identical price, not to mention that if your coming from laptop gaming this desktop will be a beast!
  6. alright ill look into it, thanks a lot
  7. the 6850 will be worlds better than whatever igp you are using in yor laptop... it depends on what your monitors resolution is going to be. If its 1080p you might want more power but if less than 1080p you will be fine with a 6850 imo. Check out some benchmarks of your favorite games and see where the fps is
  8. you will find that the 6850 achieves 60+fps in 80% or more games that are out there maxed out at 1080p however the heavy hitters are going to struggle at such settings, its all relative
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    Argg... had to answer the phone so my response is now obsolete.


    Building your own PC can give you better performance than simply buying one. You just need to be comfortable with building it yourself and be able to troubleshoot problems yourself. You can always come to THG for advice.

    The only problem with that ~ $500 build is the fact that it does not include the price of the operating system so you need to price that in as well. You can buy Windows 7 Home Premium for as low as $95 for the OEM version. The retail version will cost about $200.

    What's the difference between OEM and retail?

    1. If you need or want to re-install the OEM version you need to call Microsoft for permission to do so because it can only be installed once. Once installed it is tied into that particular PC.

    2. The retail version allows you to re-install as many times as you want without having to call Microsoft for permission. However, do not confuse this with installing it on multiple computers. Each Windows 7 install DVD disc has a unique identifier. If you were to install Windows 7 on another PC, that version would come up as not genuine and be subject to restrictions.

    3. The OEM version does not include Microsoft free tech support. If you have problems with Win 7 and you feel you need to contact Microsoft for help, they will charge you for tech support.

    4. The Retail version of Windows 7 includes free tech support. Not sure if it is a toll free number though so you may need to pay long distance charges.
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  11. yeah get this heatsink imo:

    the cm hyper 212+ for 30 bucks its the cheapest its been in a while, great cooler!

    so 90+30= $120 for the cpu cooler and the P2 x4 925, or you could go for the 212+ and the 955 for easier oc'ing for $150

    heck in the end its proabably just best to get the 955 for 120 and use the stock fan, you can still use the stock fan and get a decent oc out of that chip, certainly 3.6 is attainable in that scenario it just all depends on your budget but by all means I encourage you to go with the 955 and the cm hyper 212+ in your price bracket/scenario the 925 will be a good choice too but might not see as high of an oc as the 955 so really if you dont plan on oc'ing then you should at least get the 955. So these are questions that the OP needs to ponder perhaps.
  12. your welcome for guiding your through this whole process with no measurable 'thank you' it was good advice but give credit where credit is due.... have fun kid! :lol:
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    nIt seems you selected my original post as the "Best Answer" while I was in the middle of editing it.
    nAnyway, like the original post stated the Athlon II X4 630 is not an ideal choice since the Phenom II X4 925 provides a little better performance for not much more money.
    nThe Hyper 212+ heatsink as recommended by jjb8675309 is a good choice. It is very effective for the price that you pay.
    nSure, there are better heatsinks around, but they also cost more.
  14. sorry guys turned off the comp for a bit, to be honest idk if i would be comfortable building my own pc, seems kinda complicated and a lot of stuff i dont know much about
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