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I've been experiencing some problems with my mouse lately. Every once in a while it goes haywire (I guess I should say the cursor on the screen goes haywire). The cursor moves all around the screen and executes left and right mouse clicks while it goes around. If often closes windows on me or other stupid stuff. Anyone ever hear of something like this? Anyone have any ideas of how to fix it?

I'm running Win 95b, on a Pentium 200MMX. Any help would be great as I am attempting to sell my system, and I want to clear this up before I sell it. Thanks!

All things must surely have to end...
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  1. Some times when I’m surfing the web my scroll bar go up and down real fast for 3 or 4 seconds.
    It only happens once in awhile and not since I formatted.
    It’s almost like when u type on the keyboard when the computer is busy, Then a moment later the text pops up all at once. I am using a USB MS optical mouse, you didn’t say what mouse your using.
  2. I'm using a standard 2 button mouse. It's definitely not catching up because of other tasks. I'll be going about my business, and it just goes nuts! I've heard of a lot of problems, but I've never heard of this! It seems like either ther sensors in the mouse are sending out faulty signals, or the mouse port is bad or something strange like that. I'm baffled!

    All things must surely have to end...
  3. I've had this with 2 computers. One was a Pentium 233MX and the other was a Laptop.... Don't know how to fix it though.

    The cursor moves so fast that I can't see it, it just jumps aroundn clicking and screws everything up.
  4. couple things
    make sure your mouse ball rollers inside are clean
    make sure your mouse cord is not damaged
    make sure your mouse connector pins are not damaged
    re-install mouse/driver
    scan for virus
    all above fails , buy or borrow new mouse, see how that works
    later dude
  5. opp's one more
    i've heard of a program that makes a persons mouse kinda go crazy, as a joke.
    has someone done that to you?
    the one i've herd of comes as an e-mail attachment
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