To all Intel Sandy Bridge owners!

To all 1st gen Sandy Bridge and 2nd gen owners, how many of you going to uprade to Ivy Bridge? I myself think that my i5 2500k will hold for a while so I will wait for the next generation architectures Haswell-broadwell
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  1. I only have a Q9450, but I'm holding out for Haswell.

    IB is not a major improvement over SB, unless you are really, really interested in using the Intel HD 4000 graphics core which is estimated by Anandtech to be about 60% faster than the HD 3000. That's basically going from a Radeon HD 5450 to a Radeon HD 5550 graphics card.
  2. I'm quite please with my i3 and i7 systems. no need to upgrade yet.
  3. why would you upgrade so soon?.....if it ain't broken, don't fix it
  4. What do you mean 1st gen and 2nd gen Sandy Bridge? There is only one generation of the processor.
  5. The Sandy Bridge E is commonly referred to as a 2nd gen Sandy Bridge.
  6. ^^^

    Yeah, the 1st generation Core i3/i5/i7 were basically known as Lynnfield/Nehalem.
  7. I have 3 Q6600 Setup, an i7 2600K. There is no need to upgrade to Ivy Bridge. There is no need
  8. I was going to wait to upgrade for the IB processors, but then needed to upgrade for a project. But I am quite happy with my SB, and will not be changing any time soon, probably not until whatever comes after the Haswell/Broadwell series.
  9. Most CPU intensive thing I do is gaming, and my i5 760 Lynnfield handles that quite well at stock clocks, and I can definitely squeeze more out of it by overclocking. I'm probably not going to upgrade to a new platform for a long time, probably not until the CPU requirements for games exceed my current CPU's capabilities, even OCed, or we hit the point where PCI-E 3.0 is really needed to get the full potential out of the GPU, whichever comes first.
  10. Just built a SB-E box myself, can't see myself upgrading it anytime soon unless there is a serious IPC improvement
  11. New GPU is what I'm looking at not CPU.
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