Help me to chose a good gaming mobo that help me to load games faster

i buy gigabyte B75M-D3H mobo, intel 3570K, Seagate 64mb cashe 7200rpm 1TB hard drive and kingston 1333mhz 4gig ram last friday but worst is that when i start installing window7 on this package its load toooo slow and complete installation in more than 30min i am not expecting that i checked all cables and i connect the hard drive data cable on sata3 port on the mobo and re-install the window same problem no difference. Now when in copy big size game ISO or HD movie in my hard from external hard it gives me 30-40mbps (my friend have intel mobo and same processor and 32mb cashe 1TB hard when he install window his PC complete installation in 8-9mins only and data copy rate is more than 150mbps) my games load too slow and that effect fps in games too what's i missing any body help me please. :pfff: :pfff:
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  1. 4GB of ram is on the low side these days.
    More ram would speed up your system.
    Also a SSD boot drive significantly improves overall speeds and game loading.
    You fail to mention if your OS is 32 or 64bit which makes a difference concerning ram capacity.
    Same goes for graphics onboard or discrete.
  2. I agree with davcon, I would say 8gb is enough for all games. However if you use a 32 bit OS you can only use 4gb of ram whereas 64 bit can utilize over than 4gb. I would also say for a decent video card start with the HD 7770 or GTX 650ti.
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