Does the Lancool K60 come with fan-filters or not?

Sorry for making 2 case question threads within as many weeks, but I am so close to getting my case... I just have this one more question.

I came VERY close to getting myself the Fractal Design Core 3000, but I was watching a thorough video review and upon closer look I saw that the case has 2 fan-intake grills along the bottom. One seems to have a fan-filter, the other does... not. This seems like a tremendous oversight to me because it feels like most of the dust will come in from the bottom. A wide open bottom with air from the PSU sucking up will act just like a vacuum cleaner, and even with a diligent cleaning regiment... my desk will get dusty.

I did more browsing (when do I ever stop? lol) and finally found something that I think I can be satisfied with.
The Lian Li (or Lancool I think) K60 mid-tower case. It's under 100$ (but shipping and taxes will probably push it up to 120$) it looks solid, it has 5/5 reviews, it has a good rep, and I even found a video review that SEEMs to show 100% filter coverage.
At 2:20 you can see the front intake (filtered) and at 5:56 you can see the bottom intake (also filtered). I did some more digging and I can't seem to find any other case near this price range that have filters. The K62, K63, and the PC60 (which is the all aluminum variant of the K60, I think) don't seem to have any filters.

This concerns me... because the guys in this video review later say that they've got a "Pre-sale" model or something intended specifically for early reviews. Maybe that means Lancool doesn't usually ship with filters, maybe this was an exception. So I would just like to ask you Lancool/Lian Li owners out there, did your case come with filters? And if not, do you know how to buy filters that could be compatible with these cases? I know it's a minor thing to obsess over, but this feels like the last little quirk before I can FINALLY settle and get a case I love.
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  1. AH HA! I've found them!

    Now... newegg and Amazon don't seem to offer these. Does anyone know of other reputable hardware suppliers that might sell these things? I need to ship to Canada (which is where I live). That's assuming the K60 doesn't come with the filters already, if someone knows the opposite to be true, please post it here and point it out.
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