Shogun 2 Total War crashing?

when ever i would start my shogun game it would just go in a black screen and freeze my computer and i just have to restart it again cause i cant do anything not even ctrl alt delete... i asked steam to help me and they just asked me to make sure if i had all the correct files installed and i do. and did the check up and what not. then they asked me to manually install some files and it started shogun up and started working till i turned off my computer and wanted to play again the next day and the crashing at the beginning happenings again.. HELP PLS!!!
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  1. If you're manually installing files something tells me the install didn't go so smoothly. Have you tried reinstalling the game? if you don't really want to spend the time redownloading try right clicking on the game in the steam library > properties > Local Files tab > Verify integrity of game cache.

    Another thing you can try is overriding the launch resolution as i've had a similar problem with splintercell conviction. right click the game in steam library > Properties > Set launch options and copy and paste this (including the "-")

    -w 1024 -h 768

    That will launch the game 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high. 1024x768 is the resolution standard for pretty much every game unless its indie developed and constraints aren't taken place.

    I hope this helps but if it doesn't all I can say is try a reinstall if you can be bothered with it :P

    p.s what were the files that steam recommended you to manually install? because if we can find out what they are we can probably find out whats causing the problem

    Kind regards,
  2. when you mention you have to restart did you do hard reset on your pc? what is your system spec? it could be your power supply can't provide enough power to your system leading to system freeze
  3. I used to get system lock ups when I played that. My cpu voltages were too low.
  4. intel i5-460M
    ATi HD5870 1GB DDR5
    DDR3 4GB
    500GB 7200RPM

    MSI Gx660

    steam asked me to manually install vcredist_x86, vcredist_x86_90, vcredist_x86-sp1 and clean_vcredist

    under the redist file in total war shogun 2

    and everytime i do that it seems to run the game fine then when i shut the computer down it wont work again...

    ive done the verfy integrity of game cache and its fine nothings missing. and ive reinstalled the game over and over and still nothing...

    the game just BLANKS when i start it and i have to start my whole computer again...
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