Problem with NETGEAR Router Detection on Win7

what up techgods. got something so stupid stumping me that I'd love someone to rub it in my face.
recently linked up to cable internet, 1 computer (NIC from motherboard)- 1 modem (Motorola SB6120), beautiful speeds and it's been a helluva time.

roommate has brought me an un-boxed, used NETGEAR RP614 wireless router.. searching NETGEARs webpage leads me to RP614 all with versions "v1" through "v4", but after searching the physical part in my hands, mfr. labeling says nothing more than RP614.
so I have the router ready to go, i'll go through my steps:

1. Insured through Internet Options that my IP address is set at auto detect (nothing else in under tab is checked)
2. Shut down system, unplugged modem and previously-connected Ethernet from my computer to modem.
3. Connected Ethernet from modem output to correct INTERNET port on router.
4. Connected 2nd Ethernet cable from computer to port 4 on router.
5. Powered on modem, waited 2 mins.
6. Powered on router, waited 2 mins.
7. Turned on system.

After logging on (admin), I notice the system tray takes approx. 90-120 seconds in "Identifying" the new connection I've created. I expected the new Windows networking to auto detect what I just plugged in.. but with no luck.. after this minute or so of waiting, "Identifying", the system tray icon displays an Unidentified Network, with no internet access from my (host) computer.

Funny thing is, during this connection with no host internet access, my roommates laptop immediately picked up the router "Unidentified Network" named NETGEAR.. so I know the damn thing at least half works.

After looking around some..
1. ipconfig shows no Default Gateway
2. I am unable to access the router config through Internet Explorer or Firefox, using the and NETGEAR's
3. Rechecked internet connection properties, IP address set to automatic detect (left remaining PROXY and AUTOCONFIG options alone)
4. Attempted to scan for new hardware through
- Set up a new network
- Connect to a network
- Newly added hardware
5. Have the newest .bin firmware for this router (unable to unpack until I can get into the browser based router configuration)


I'm not expecting any quick-handed miracles,
I'm fine with my wired Lian Li Sexiness by herself on the network, but to be fair, gotta include the roommate.
If anyone has a story, some kind of suggestion, complaint my message is too long, something I'm missing in preparation for introducing a router into an existing network (or rather a completely different one).

Thanks guys!
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  1. keep the reset button on the back of the router pressed for 30 sec.
    this will set it to manufacturer default.
  2. Emerald said:
    keep the reset button on the back of the router pressed for 30 sec.
    this will set it to manufacturer default.

    Thank you Emerald.
    Did not think of resetting.

    Will try at around 5:00 PM PST, at work now, let you know if it worked.
  3. Shouldn't that IP address be instead of That's what I use with Netgear.
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