ASUS M4A89GTD Pro no longer booting

I was building my computer yesterday and everything went well, and installed W7 onto the computer. Skip to next day, I try turning it on and nothing is working anymore.

-The CPU Fans ( I have a 212+ with a push/pull configuration) are not spinning;
- I've tried different configurations of RAM (Kingston HyperX 2x2gb) on the A1 B1 slots and even the A2 B2 slots
- The Motherboard LED light is on, but no other lights are on other than the DRAM_LED if I were to initiate MemOK! test, which jsut continuously blink and nothing happens
-Tried resetting the CMOS through removing battery and the jumper change, either to no avail
- Took out and replaced the 8-pin and 24-pin power adapters for the motherboard
- HDD appears to be booting (I hear it)
-Case fans are working
- I have not reseated my CPU or HSF from the old build to the new one, could this be a problem?

Some of the other parts:
CPU : Phenom II X6 1055T
Case : Zalman Z9+
GPU: Using the integrated graphics on the M4A89GTD for now

Is this a ram issue I have or a PSU issue, or some other beast?
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  1. Just to clarify......Your Windows 7 was up and running yesterday?
  2. Correct; I spent the whole night building it and finally got it installed and called it a night. Turned off the whole computer and woke up the next morning to check and turns on but no POST or CPU fan spinning.
  3. Will the CPU fan spin with bothsticks of memory removed?

    You might want to go ahead and reseat the CPU, just to rule that out.

    Lastly, did you try one stick of memory at a time?
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