Broken VGA? EVGA 560ti problem

Im not really sure what happened and im not really sure how to explain this to you very well... but here i go. Today randomly while on a game my graphics spike to 99% usage real quick and then screen went black for a sec. I got a message saying the graphics crashed and restarted properly. This will happen if i do graphics intense things. The background in my game has a moving picture and now i get lines all over my screen and just weird flashes some times. Its not overheating and the fans are working so I dont know what it could be. I tried uninstalling the drivers and downloading the latest ones but still no luck. I havent tinkered with oc'ing the VGA at all. Youtube videos will sometimes be green.

Thanks for the help!

asus p67 sabbertooth mobo
evga 560tiDS
8g corsair vengeance
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  1. Sounds like an actual hardware problem from what I know.
    Did you recently buy it? RMA if so.
    If not, your card may be dying.
  2. it was bought a couple months ago. going to contact support tomorrow
  3. Sounds like a pretty good idea.
    EVGA should give you pretty decent support/help.
  4. Thank you ill let you guys know what happens tomorrow
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