Reduce Amount of RAM Windows Uses?

I've just finished building my new gaming computer, and I ordered 8GB 1600MHz of Corsair RAM along with a Gigabyte Z68 and an Intel Core i5-3570K, so everything is installed and setup and I went into my System Properties just to check out that everything was in working order then I saw that I could only use 3.17GB of my 8GB, I'm under the suspicion that Windows 7 is behind all of this, what would you think because I need my RAM for games.

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  1. You installed Windows 7 32bit which only allows you to use 4GB RAM. Install x64.
  2. Which'll then reduce the RAM that Windows 7 uses?
  3. Windows 7 will only recognize 4 gb of ram in 32 bit mode. Just do the 64 bit mode.
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