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5850 vs 6950

I currently have the 5850 with:

Intel core i5 2.6 ghz CPU
4 gigs of memory
2 monitors each at 1920x1080
2x1TB HDD in raid 0

I plan on getting:
Intel core i5 3.3ghz 2500k (the unlocked one)
16 gigs of memory at 1600, the kingston one that tomshardware recommended
still have my 2 monitors at 1920x1080
still 2x1TB HDD in raid 0 with PONDERING 128 GB SSD, problem is that i REALLY want 256GB since i think 128GB is barely not enough but 256 WAY too expensive.

Question is, should i throw in a 6950? What kind of performance increase can i expect?


Edit: Or even the nvidia 560ti?
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    You can save $100 or so by opting for an 8 gb mem kit (2x4gb), as no games currently benefit by more than 8 gb....

    The 6950 is roughly 37% faster than the 5850 at 1920x1200.....,2668.html

    I'd personally take the afformentioned $100 saved, and put it towards a GTX580 over the 6950....

    Realize that if gaming is the goal, SSDs will trim time from both Win loading/gaming level load times, but, alas, will do nothing/zip/nada/zilch for framerates.....

    Where the same money spent on twin 6950s in XFire makes a formidable gaming system......

    Good luck whichever way you choose...
  2. ^+1

    What this guy said.

    Plus, if you want to go with an SSD, you can go for a smaller capacity and use it for Windows and your drivers only. My reasoning is this information is referenced no matter what you are doing. An 80GB SSD with Win 7 and all my drivers has served me well on my gaming PC (I found the 40GB to be a little too small for this purpose). As a result, you could get an 80GB take the money you would have put toward a 128 or 256GB SSD and get yourself a GTX 570 or 580? And always consider the future SLI option.
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